Maintenance and Emergency Plumbing

Most plumbing companies offer a plan where a qualified plumber comes to your home or business on a regular and planned basis to run maintenance checks on all the taps, pipes, toilets, hot water systems, gutters and downpipes, etc. This kind of “programmed” plumbing is usually only taken up by large commercial enterprises who realise that things go wrong with equipment eventually and that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. What this means is that the cost of maintenance is trivial compared to waiting for things to go wrong and having to shell out for expensive and disruptive emergency repairs.

A regular maintenance service is a concept that most householders never consider. A plumber is someone you call when things go wrong! It’s common belief that plumbing costs are exorbitant so the man of the house is often tempted to take the DIY path. He will travel down to the local hardware store and purchase a lot of expensive plumbing tools. Not being a qualified plumbing he won’t have much of an idea about how to use them. He’ll then huff and puff, spend hours trying to fix that leaking tap or changing a seal on the toilet or trying to fix leaks in gutters and downpipes and likely make the problem even worse than it was before!

The lesson most people eventually learn is that the expenses incurred at Bunnings or Masters and the time wasted is just not worth it. The solution right from the beginning should’ve been to bite the bullet and call in the local emergency plumber. Ultimately you’ll get a better result for the best price. And you can get about doing your own thing, whatever that might be! After all, your time is precious, especially on weekends. So leave the plumbing to your local professional.

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