Engineered Timber Flooring

Are you looking at your options for new flooring? Whether you are putting floors into a brand new house or choosing a new floor option to replace your current floor, you should consider engineered timber flooring. This beautiful flooring material is built in layers. These layers make it more resistant to the changes caused by humidity and temperature variances. What’s even better? It can be installed in any room of your house. Read on to learn more about this great option.

Don’t let the word “engineered” scare you. The wood used is real wood, but engineered is the way that the flooring material is made. And being that it is made with real wood and engineered, there are some benefits to using this type of flooring over a solid wood floor.

To engineer the wood flooring, several plies, or layers are glued together. They are combined in such a way that makes it much stronger than one single solid piece of wood. Not only is it stronger, but it won’t take on the other characteristics of a wood plank, such as twisting, cupping, gapping, and buckling.

Another benefit of engineered timber flooring is where it can be installed. This material can be installed engineered timber floors gold coastdirectly to concrete. Solid wood floors do not offer this option of easy installation.

Engineered flooring is also much more cost effective than solid wood.

As if that’s not enough, engineered wood flooring can be quite difficult to tell apart from a solid wood floor.

Not that you know all of this, you may be asking yourself, how can I get an engineered timber floor? Well, you have to start somewhere so you might as well start here.

The first thing you should do is visit a local flooring store. When you do, look around and see all of your options. Yes, it can be a bit overwhelming seeing all the choices and knowing that you will eventually need to make a decision. Don’t worry about making a decision now; you can look around, do your research, and then make a decision when you are ready. The important first step is getting a good look at the flooring and seeing what is available.

Now that you have an idea of what the flooring consists of, the color and size options, and the prices, you can start to consider what will be best for your space. Do you have existing flooring to match? Is there a certain color scheme in the area? Do you like dark wood, light wood, wide planks, narrow planks, or have a certain preference? As you think about your options, you may even want to get samples from the store you visited. This can give you at least some sort of idea what the flooring will look like in your home.

As you consider your choices and then narrow them down, you can then decide which flooring to have installed. When this happens, you may want to contact the flooring store to find out what their procedures are. Do they send a flooring professional to your home to measure the space? Do you share the measurements with them? Or what needs to be done so you can eventually have your new flooring installed?

In conclusion, choosing engineered timber flooring for your home is a good choice for so many different reasons. Not only is it a beautiful option, but it is much more durable than solid wood planks and costs less. Use what you learned here to help you find the best flooring for your home.