Concrete Scanning Can Identify Sub-surface Metal Objects

Concrete Scanning Can Identify Sub-surface Metal Objects

metal detector 2In any excavation project, if underground objects can be detected, a great deal of time, trouble and money can be saved. A technology called GPR, or ground penetrating radar, can perform a subsurface imaging scan in order to provide the evaluation of a site prior to beginning the excavation.

CSI Concrete Scanning Company can locate utilities that are buried underground, obstacles and debris, bedrock, old foundations and other underground debris. The technology specializes in finding both non-metallic and metallic utilities including copper, PVC, concrete and plastic pipes and in addition various conduits that in many cases cannot be detected in any other way.

This is an ideal way to locate the position of buried utilities, storage tanks, drums, and man made items such as old roads, runways and underground buildings using the exciting technology. Obvious, if you discover a utility line that is underground, and for some reason it is not on anyone’s map or chart, you will be glad that you uncovered it.

The process is not hazardous to the operator of the machine doing metal detectorthe scanning, as it emits only 1% of the power of a cell phone signal.

The system operates by the sending of a small pulse of energy into a material through an antenna. The strength and the time that the signal takes to return to the device will create reflections that are then picked up by the recovery system and stored on digital media. The reproductions then come out as visual replications of the object, such as man-made objects of pipes, wire, tanks, and the like.

GPR  is very accurate when it comes to locating and identifying metallic and non-metallic objects of various sizes and shapes.

GPR has been in existence for the past 40 years, and of course there have been improvements over the years, but it has saved many an excavation project precious time and money by its availability.

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