The Pest Control Challenges of a Restaurant

The Pest Control Challenges of a Restaurant

Contrary to popular belief, a restaurant needn’t be filthy to attract pests. Insects and rodents simply follow a trail of food, which obviously is found at any dining establishment. While it can be very commercial pest controllerchallenging to keep a restaurant pest-free, it certainly isn’t impossible and that’s where commercial pest controllers come into their own.

Points Of Entry

Every structure has potential entry points for pests, and the older the building, the more likely it is to have even more open doors for bugs and rodents. Inspect the property from top to bottom and all points in between. Use caulk to plug up holes where roaches can come in and out or build their nests inside the walls. Cement filling may be necessary at the foundation level, particularly for larger gaps that allow for rodents to make their way inside the restaurant.

Outside Conditions

As if keeping the interior of an eating establishment free from pests weren’t challenging enough, restaurant owners and managers must also take care of the immediate surroundings. The pest control challenges of a restaurant include: alley ways where trash is dumped, dirt that’s easy to burrow through and piles of wood left undisturbed are just some of the more appealing setups that invite rodents and other pests right to the entrance of a restaurant. Clear these things away from the building. Avoid leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for any critter to follow, and make sure there’s nothing to nest in outside.

Indoor Cleanliness

Walk into any eating establishment and you should be overwhelmed by the delicious smells. Unfortunately, pests enjoy the aroma too and will follow it right to the source. Let the odor be the only remnant of food however, or you’re really inviting pests to invade your restaurant. Keep floors and counters free from all food particles, and make sure no trash is left overnight. Bathrooms and offices must be kept spotless as well. Pests won’t bother with a place when they find no actual food source, but leave a few traps set to make certain you’ve got no midnight crawlers hanging around.

Employee Awareness

Good help can be very hard to find in the restaurant business, and sometimes harder to keep. You’ve therefore got to depend on a strong employee policy which loudly dictates how your people should perform in order to discourage infestations. Make sure they are aware of how large and appetizing a mere crumb of food is to a roach or rat. Train them thoroughly in the basics of cleanliness and make it mandatory that all employees pitch in to keep the restaurant spotless.

Keeping a restaurant pest-free is just part of the job. While it may be a constant battle, it’s certainly worth the results of a clean establishment where no customers, critics or inspectors are likely to discover anything creeping or crawling. A regular pest inspection service is also an essential element of the equation so that there will never be any nasty surprises.

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