Carpet Stain Removal Options

Carpet Stain Removal Options

Carpet stains can be a real problem and if you can’t get rid of it, the only other option is to replace it at great expense. Some stains can be removed if the right technique is used and if you get to it as soon as possible, especially for wet or moist stains.

The type of stain removal technique that you use is largely dependent on the type of spill or item that caused the stain in the first place. Try these techniques out to see if they are effective. Of course, when all else fails call in the professionals:
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1. Salt

Did you know that most washing detergents consist mainly of salt and that this is a great cleaning solution for many different types of stains including blood, red wine, and ink? Time is of the essence when using this technique and it is best to start the process as soon as possible:list of carpet stains we remove

– Pour salt liberally on the spill, making sure to cover the surrounding carpet slightly to prevent the stain from spreading.
– Leave the salt on the spill and watch it draw out the liquid. If the salt becomes too wet, simply add some more.
– Suck away the salt using a vacuum (preferably wet and dry vac).
– Use a damp cloth to dab away the remainder of the stain.

For both the ink and blood stains, a solution of salt water can be poured onto the stain and left to soak being careful not to allow the stain to spread. Dab up with a dry cloth or paper towel to absorb the stain out of the carpet. Repeat as often as necessary.

Soda water can also be used on all three stains to further draw it out of the carpet fibers and to effectively remove the stain.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is an acid and can be used to remove and gently bleach a stain. This is not ideal for carpets that are not colour-fast or have bright or dark hues which can be faded as a result of the bleaching effect of the lemon juice. It is best to use it diluted in water and use a dabbing technique to remove the stain from the carpet rather than rubbing.

It is not recommended to leave the lemon juice on the carpet for an extended period of time but rather rinse and dab it out with a dry cloth or paper towel. The fresh scent is also great for getting rid of odors associated with stains such as pet messes.

3. Dish washing Detergent

Dish-washing detergent is designed to chemically break down grease. It is therefore ideal to dissolve any types of greasy stains from gravy, oils and even crayons. The detergent can be rubbed with oil or grease and left to work. Hot or warm water to rinse is ideal as this will also help remove the stain.

It may be necessary to repeat these techniques multiple times for the greatest success. It is also preferable not to let the stain dry before employing a carpet stain removal technique.

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