Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

SEO or search engine marketing is a group of strategies that are used by people such as Andrew Riedel from SEO Gold Coast trying to get organic traffic on the web. When you create a business online, or even if you have a traditional off-line business, having a website that can generate traffic to your products and offers is something that many people are doing today.  Search engine marketing have several ways that you can improve your positioning on the search engines in order to get access to free targeted traffic. Let’s look at a few of the best strategies that are working right now, strategies that will help you reach page 1 of the search engine listings.

High PR Backlinks

Regardless of the updates that Google and other search engines search engine marketingtend to do, one thing that will almost always work for improving your search engine ranking is getting back links from high PR sites. By placing a link on a website or blog that has a high page rank, this page rank will pass link juice to your money site, allowing it to move higher up in the search engine rankings. The only time that this is not a viable strategy is when you are not using enough variations with your anchor text. These are the words that you use in the hyperlink that leads back to your website. By using many different websites on different IP addresses, and using variable anchor text, you will be able to appease the search engines by looking more natural, and thus will be rewarded with higher rankings.

Search engine optimisation strategies are developed every year, and some of them are sustainable over time. By finding high PR websites to place links on, using a wide variety of keywords or anchor text for your links, you can almost always achieve a high-ranking in the search engines as a result of using this strategy.

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