Family Lawyers

Family Lawyers

The field of family law deals mainly with family related legal matters. Services that you can expect to receive from a family lawyer include:

1. Last Will And Testament

A family lawyer will assist you in drafting a last will and testament and ensuring that it is legally binding in the event of your death. This will make provision of how your estate should be divided in accordance with your wishes once you are no longer around. The lawyer will also best advise you on ways to avoid probate as well as tax and other issues that might arise with regards to your estate.

A family lawyer will also represent you in the event of a dispute related to a will. Whether another party is contesting the validity of a will or you want to contest it, legal assistance will be necessary during this wedding ringprocess.

2. Marriage

A family lawyer will assist in the drawing up of a prenuptial or ante-nuptial contract that will dictate how an estate will be divided upon the dissolution of a marriage or divorce. This is called marrying out of community of property with or without the accrual system. Your lawyer will provide you with the best advice as to which type of marriage will be most suitable for you. It is advisable for each party to have their own lawyer in drafting these types of contracts to ensure that their best interests are being represented at all times.

3. Divorce

Family lawyers Tweed Heads | Save U Legal can deal with all aspects of divorce including:

– The division of marital property in accordance with the way in which the parties concerned were married. In other words, who gets what after the divorce.
– Alimony as to how much spousal support will be paid and when it will be paid.
– Custody issues concerning minor children from the marriage.
– Maintenance or support for children who are still of a minor age at the time of the divorce.
– Visitation and rights of access to the children for the non-custodial parent.

While it isn’t necessary to retain a lawyer in a divorce, it is advisable if the divorce is being contested or if there is difficulty reaching an agreement regarding any of the issues related to the divorce.

4. Adoption

In the event that a person or couple would like to give up a child for adoption or adopt a child, it is recommended to contact a family attorney to ensure that the process is legal. Family lawyers also deal with matters regarding surrogacy or any other matters relating to the legal adoption of children.

5. Legal Custody And Guardianship

In the event that a parent or parents have been found to be negligent in fulfilling their rights and responsibilities, the child may be removed from their care and become a ward of the state or custody and guardianship may be passed to a third party. A family lawyer can assist in returning custody to a parent.

A family lawyer normally specializes in the fields of family and property law in order to provide quality legal representation to their clients.

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